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Retirement home senior club

The investor with 35 years experience in the United States and Scandinavian countries implements the concept of senior living club Members only, with all facilities, from accommodation in double room with luxury bathroom, three meals a day all inclusive from international cuisine, and medical services within a medical center with specialties of geriatrics & gerontology with an emphasis on anti-aging services.

All these will be available on the Black Sea shore with direct access to a private beach with lounge chairs reserved exclusively for club members and a full service beach bar.

The complex consists of two hotels with 400 double rooms which by extension and modernization will reach a level of luxury comfort and by the construction of a modern pool with pool bar.
We will offer the 12,000sqm of land services to the highest standard at Mamaia resort.

The execution time is about one year from obtaining the building permits.

On the 12,000sqm free of land we will build a medical center with 1,200 places that can take about two years to complete.
We address the 32,000 millionaires in Romania who want a carefree life tomorrow on the Black Sea shore.

After a lifetime of work and success, a well-deserved vacation for the rest of your life!

In the United States, namely Florida, California and Nevada, 50,000 retirees from Europe have bought retirement properties in retirement village communities with prices ranging from $ 350,000 to $ 1,200,000. It depends on the facilities and size of these properties, plus a monthly maintenance amount of about $ 5,000-6,000 for community members.
In New York and California there are also home assistance services that are charged $ 200 / day with the obligation to have health insurance.

retirement home marea neagra

Retirement home at the Black Sea / Senior Club

We come with a much better offer from all points of view, namely:

Retirement home senior club

  • You don’t have to buy a property
  • You have accommodation in a luxury location
  • Three meals a day all inclusive with two coffee breaks
  • Access to the medical center
  • Access to the private beach with reserved sunbed
  • Access to the club pool
  • 24 hour security
  • Socializing with the dancing evening
retirement home marea neagra
retirement home marea neagra
retirement home

In Europe there are about 100,000,000 pensioners and their number is increasing due to the aging of the population and the decrease of birth rate.
In Sweden there are applications for about 500,000 places in retirement / nursing homes.
In Norway there are applications for about 350,000 places in such retirement / nursing homes.
In Germany, which holds the record, they have 2,500,000 applications to occupy a place in such specialized retirement / nursing homes, which offers services to pensioners.

These requests caused the pensioners to look for places outside the countries of origin and thus in Poland, 15,000 pensioners arrived.

In Hungary about 7,500, in Slovakia and the Czech Republic reached about 10,000 pensioners.
In Spain and Portugal you must buy a property.

Thus, in Spain, 350,000 British live in 2019 due to the warmer climate.
In Thailand and the Philippines, retirees from Europe have moved (only those who have bought a property).
Based on these considerations, he made the investor / financier of this senior club to offer complete services to the people willing to move to the Black Sea shore in a luxurious location, for the rest of their life without buying a property.

For a membership fee of 60,000 euros and a fee of 100 euros / day you can enjoy the rest of your life for all the services offered by this senior club.
For those who wish to live only 6 months a year, namely: April, May, June, July, August and September, they must pay a 45,000 euro payment valid for the duration of their lives.
For those who wish to live only 6 months a year, namely: October, November, December, January, February and March, they must pay a payment of 30,000 euros valid for a lifetime.
For those who want to live only one year must pay a membership fee of 10,000 euros.

senior living club Retirement home on the black sea

Retirement home senior club

  • 800 seats in a senior club (member only)

  • 2 hotels with 400 rooms in Mamaia

  • Direct access to the beach

  • Luxury comfort level

  • Outdoor pool with bar

  • Restaurant with international cuisine

  • Medical center with another 1200 places



Events on the occasion: Orthodox / Catholic Easter,
Christmas, New Year, onomastics, birthday.

Socialization: sports bar, billiards, painting and dance courses, swimming course.

Increased mobility: walking on the beach, cycling and jogging, beach volleyball, mini football, gymnastics in the pool, group trips, heliomarina cure

Retirement home la marea neagra


Geriatrics & gerontology
Rheumatology / spa
Internal diseases
Electrotherapy / hydrotherapy / magnetotherapy / ultrasound
Physical Therapy
Laboratory of complex medical analysis
Laser laboratory and therapy

Future project

We want to build in the mountain area a resort with complete services for our clients.

Including skiing slope and chairlift.

For at least 5,000 – 10,000 members, with permanent residence.

Retirement home la marea neagra
senior living club

We are looking for partners

senior club

We are looking for Partners / Manufacturers / Distributors

  • Bank with branch in Constanta / Mamaia with correspondent in: SW, NO, DK, DE, With complex services for clients and our company capable of coordinating an investment of 120,000,000 euros and an annual turnover of over 80,000,000 euros;
  • Insurance company specializing in medical / life / accident insurance;
  • Lawyer / Law Office;
  • Builder / General contractor for civil construction, medical center / pool;
  • Architect / Office of architecture and design;
  • Landscaping company / Gardening;
  • Manufacturer / Supplier of building materials;
  • Manufacturer of triple glazed windows / windows;
  • Furniture manufacturer for rooms, offices, loby, medical office, kitchen, restaurant, bar, beach, garden;
  • Producer of meat / pork, chicken, beef, fish, lamb;
  • Sausage manufacturer;
  • Manufacturer uniforms / medical, kitchen, restaurant, bar, pool, beach, maidens;
  • Manufacturer of cheese / milk, cheese;
  • Bread maker, bakery;
  • Manufacturer Confectioner / sweets, cakes, cakes;
  • Fruit / vegetable producer / distributor;
  • Manufacturer / distributor of coffee, tea;
  • Wine producer;
  • Beer producer, beer import;
  • Manufacturer of flat / mineral water, juices;
  • Drug manufacturers + imports;
  • Medical equipment
  • manufacturers;
  • IT services;
  • Manufacturer of surveillance equipment cameras + storage systems;
  • Manufacturer of sports equipment + equipment;
  • Manufacturer / Importer directly electronic, kitchen appliances + restaurant;
  • Elevator manufacturer 6/8 persons;
  • Material / cleaning products manufacturer;
  • Manufacturer / Importer of heating and cooling systems;
  • AUTO / Coach, minibuses 14/25 people, electric cars with charging spaces;
  • TV, cable, internet, landline / mobile, TV channel distribution from: SW, DK, NO, FI, DE;
  • Provider of medical services, other than those existing in our medical center (CT scanner, dental office);
  • Media partner, TV / Radio / Internet.